Milan Farini Yard


  • Timing: call for tender within 2023
  • Total Surface Area: 547,710 sqm (407.511 sqm are related to Farini Yard, 140.199 sqm to the San Cristoforo Yard)
  • Gross Floor Area: 362,947 sqm
  • Green Area: 264,882 sqm
  • Sector: Mixed use (social housing, affordable housing, non residential and free GFA)


The Farini yard is located in an urban quadrant subject to strong transformations and it constitutes a major break along the north-west urban axis that goes from Porta Nuova area through the Porta Garibaldi railway station and the Farini yard to the Bovisa area and the new projects under development on the Expo area.

This is an area characterized by a high suburban (Lancetti railway stop) and urban (M5 Cenisio metro stop) accessibility. This element can play an important role in the localisation logic of activities which can attract flows from large basins.

The priority and innovative direction of the urban development will make this area one of the main hubs of the city, thanks to the players which joined the site and to the high potential of the resources at stake, in order to reach the main goal of transforming Milan from a post-industrial and tertiary city to a city of knowledge.

Why should you invest?

  • Opportunity to submit a bid by participating in the call for tender to be launched by 2023.
  • The area is located in a central position, in the most dynamic urban context in the city of Milan (near Porta Nuova area);
  • The development of the area is defined by the preliminary urban implementation plan by FS Sistemi Urbani, according to the Masterplan “Agenti Climatici” by the team OMA & Laboratorio Permanente, which won the International Design Competition “Concorso Farini”.
  • Urban regulatory plan for the development of the area already approved through the Agreement signed in 2017 with local authorities;
  • The Academy of Fine Arts of Brera has decided to develop its new headquarters inside the Farini Yard;
  • The project gives the investor the opportunity to develop buildings with many different functions;
  • Proximity to railway stations with high speed, regional and suburban railway services;
  • Proximity to M3 and M5 metro lines.


  • Malpensa International Airport (MXP): 47 Km
  • Linate International Airport (LIN): 10 Km
  • Lancetti train station: less than 1 Km
  • M3 metro stop: less than 1 Km
  • M5 metro stop: less than 1 Km
  • Garibaldi HS railway station: 2 Km
  • Bus/Tram: 0 Km
  • Motorway: 5 Km

Type of contract

  • Joint venture sales contract
  • Direct sell after the tender


Ownership: Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane Group

We are looking for: investors interested in developing the area (call for tenders within 2023)

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